Police raid eunuch’s house: Patna’s Hijra wars?

PATNA: The Hijra wars are on in Patna. Lallan Kinnar and Diljani Kinnar head two ‘rival’ houses in the Gulzarbagh area of Patna City, the ‘old city quarter’. Diljani has gone ‘missing’ as police raided her house following a criminal complaint by Lallan.

A group of Hijra persons on Saturday night lodged an FIR with the Maner police station in Patna district alleging a bag containing Rs5 lakh and gold jewellery worth Rs20 lakh went missing when they went to attend a ‘Qawali’ in front of Manersharif dargah.

Maner, located around 32km west of Patna, is famous for its Chhoti dargah and Badi dargah where the ‘Urs Chirag’ festival is held annually.

Police said due to the three-day  festival, thousands of pilgrims were visiting the Sufi shrine.

Among the visitors were groups of Hijras (eunuchs) who visited Maner on Saturday night to offer prayers. “The complainant Lalan Kinnar of Gulzarbagh claimed that their rival group led by Diljani Kinnar had stolen the bag. They had kept the jewellery of the group members and cash in the bag,” said a police official of Maner police station. Lallan is a well-known hijra (transgender), connected with the HIV AIDS NGO sector.

He said a police team raided Diljani’s house at Gulzarbagh on Sunday but no one was there. “Police are conducting raids at his hideouts as the evidences are against him and it is likely that he had stolen the bag,” said the police official.

But seriously, 25 lakhs worth of loot in a single bag? Fascinating, isn’t it?

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