Madhya Pradesh CM deprives Tribal kids boiled eggs

BHOPAL: The ‘sentiments’ of a powerful vegetarian lobby influenced ‘vegetarian’ Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to deprive thousands of tribal children from receiving an egg in their diets. Never mind that tribals are non-vegetarians, and that an egg is a cheap source of protein.   The decision to stop the distribution of boiled eggs or egg curries in anganwadis [government run early child education centres] in tribal districts has been sharply criticised by NGOs. However, the Jain community plans to felicitate the Madhya Pradesh CM for respecting their sentiments.

Chouhan’s decision came recently after the women and child development department moved a proposal to serve ready-to-eat breakfast for children in the 3-6 age group in anganwadis run under the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme. Department officials had emphasized that an easy way to check malnutrition in the tribal districts of Mandla, Alirajpur and Hoshangabad would be to serve boiled eggs. Some organizations promoting vegetarianism had opposed the proposal, and the Chief Minister, without taking into consideration the views of the locals and the beneficiaries of the area, acceded to these demands..

“We’re leading the vegetarians and their demand for replacing eggs with vegetables, fruits and milk,” said Digambar Jain Mahasamiti spokesperson Anil Badkul. “We’ll certainly felicitate chief minister Shivraj Singh for respecting our sentiments and suggesting milk and banana in tribal areas.”

Several social organizations have criticized the CM, saying eggs are a cheap and readily available source of protein. “In this case, the decision taken by the CM is mainly one-sided, influenced by a powerful lobby,” said Right to Food activist Sachin Jain.

He said there was no study about how many people exactly eat eggs and how many do not. “The say of tribals and their family members should also be included while taking such decisions,” he said.

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