Hate mongering Church targets Biden funeral

The Westboro Baptist Church, a notorious fundamentalist and anti-human rights group, picketed the funeral of Joseph Beau Biden – the son of US Vice President Joe Biden in Delaware this week. Biden was the pivot that helped Obama stand up in favour of same-sex marriage.

Mr Biden previously served as Attorney General of Delaware, and like his father was a staunch defender of LGBT rights, worked to successfully introduce non-discrimination laws in the state in 2013. President Barack Obama delivered an emotional eulogy at the funeral.

The anti-gay hate group, who are notorious for their aggressive homophobia and ‘God Hates Fags’ slogans, routinely picket funerals, weddings, pop concerts and other events. they also picket functions and events of the Catholic Church.

A small group of protesters from the anti-gay church screaming abuse picketed outside Wilmington’s St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church – while over a hundred counter-protesters stood silently in support of the Biden family.

Reacting to the abuse, one man threw coffee over the hate group. He was arrested.

Announcing the picket, the group had said: “Lord willing, WBC will zealously warn Joe Biden and the others at that time/place that God has clear standards, that He requires obedience, and that He curses those who refuse to obey, especially those who interfere with His people in their worship of and service to Him,” the website said. “Our faithful warning: Repent or likewise perish!”

Joe Biden famously forced Barack Obama’s hand on same-sex marriage – by backing it himself in May 2012, while Obama was still officially ‘evolving’ on the issue.

A book last year claimed that “chaos erupted inside the West Wing” after news of Biden’s comments to the media – and within days Obama had also come out in favour of same-sex marriage.

The hate group spared nothing to ridicule Vice President Biden, a Catholic, who prays the rosary with:

“Yo, Joe! Start reading the Bible and OBEY and get rid of the goofy beads. They are an idol made with hands and cannot save you, Beau or anyone!” the statement reads. “Time to let go of all your idols including the entirety of the Catholic religion and sincerely seek the face of your Lord and Creator, humbly asking for forgiveness and mercy with a pure heart.”

As for Beau, the group’s vile, hate churning message churned out the following low-blows:

“Beau’s life was cut short by the will of God to whom all glory is given and he has an eternity of answering to the Lord for his own words, thoughts, actions and sins… Both Biden men have been given many reminders of God’s sovereignty yet have refused to obey His standards. Tragedies have abounded in the Biden family including the car accident claiming wife and child of Joe and yet sparing two young sons, the brain aneurysms survived despite the ‘chances.’”

The controversial church, known for its extreme ideologies, is unaffiliated to the Baptist organization. The WBC, which operates a website called GodHatesFags.com, is known for their tasteless protests at military and celebrity funerals and rallies at Jewish, Catholic and homosexual functions.

Beau Biden was diagnosed with brain cancer in August 2013. A lesion was removed and after radiation and chemotherapy treatments, he was declared free of cancer.

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