Bihar’s first transgender bank clerk

If a transgendered woman can become a college principal Bengal, then Bihar can boast of having the country’s first ever transgender in the banking sector.

24-year old Monika Das of Patna ‘officially’ became first transgender banker of country when, on 3rd June ( last Wednesday) she submitted legal documents with her ‘third gender’ status to the bank. She had joined the Hanuman Nagar branch of the Syndicate Bank in October. . Branch Manager P.K.S. Choudhary praised her work and said that the bank would continue to support her.

Monika, formerly known as Gopal, is a commerce graduate from Patna University. She has also holds a law degree from Patna Law College.

Her father Bhagwan Dholi was a sales tax officer while mother Anima Rani Bhaumik is a retired employee of BSNL.

Monika’s story, of knowing that she was transgender when she was three years old, of consistently being at the receiving end of taunts and prejudice, is one that is common to many of the third sex. Her father got his child admitted to the Navodaya school in Vikram Block in Patna district, partly hoping that the school being a residential one, at the child would be away from ridicule by the neighbours. As an effeminate male, her stay at the school was not without loneliness, and taunts, but she concentrated on her books and did well.

Even today, her four brothers are too embarrassed to accept her for what she is, and are not on talking terms with her.

The courage that Monika has shown, and the fact that after the 2014 Supreme Court judgement, she can choose to identify herself as not-male has made hers a story of success, and she can be a role model to several others, who are yearning to break free.

[based on a report in a Hindi daily published in Patna. Visual is for representation only]

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