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Two colleges in Bihar teach that  ethics, values, intellectual honesty, and responsibility go hand in hand with professionalism.

The rush for college admissions is on, and there are thousands of parents running about like headless chickens, trying to decide on the best deals to invest their hard earned money on their offspring’s future.

Now if your youngster is interested in a career in the media, it makes sense to start them off well. You would be looking or a college with a modern curriculum, and a syllabus designed to ensure that he or she gets through that first job interview with flying colours.

Many parents would prefer a college with a disciplined and creative environment, especially those who have preference for missionary run institutions. Not everyone can send their kids to very expensive courses out of Bihar. Even in Bihar, there are a number of ‘teaching shops’ that don’t live up to their promises. What to do?

We recommend:

Bachelor of Mass Communication at St. Xavier’s College of Management and Technology

The first Jesuit run College to offer a contemporary and logical degree course in Mass Media and Communication is St. Xavier’s Digha.

The Bachelor’s course is very affordable at Rs 35,000 a year. It’s semester system. The syllabus is the most up-to date so far, and the affiliation to Aryabhatt Knowledge University ensures that there is no lag in the academic calendar. The faculty is among the best available. There are ample opportunities for creative expression. Video-production, digital audio production, photography, and computer applications are part of the course. The lectures are in English, with the college incorporating English Fluency classes for all students. This degree course is open to young men and women.

Bachelor of Communicative English with Media Studies at Patna Women’s College

Patna Women’s College offers a fine degree in Media production under the Communicative English with Media Studies Department. For the past two decades, hundreds of CEMS students are working in the biggest media institutions India and abroad. The syllabus has separate papers for advertising, public relations, video/TV production, film studies, and radio. Affiliated to the Patna University, this is the ideal course for students who with an English Medium background. Students learn photography, film-making and audio production in hands on workshops. This course is open to young women only. Transgender candidates may apply.


Forms are available till the end of the month in both colleges.


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