Principal beats up 5 kids in front of shocked parents, then absconds

TURA, (Meghalaya):  Two teachers of the Goudiya Vedanta Vidyapeeth School found five kids singing in a classroom in an off-period and gave them a beating (or two according to the students). When the parents went to the school to complain, the principal, DV Maharaj began beating up the students right in front of their parents. Shaken and shocked, the parents went to the police. Now the principal has disappeared from town.

The principal of a school in Tura absconded on Friday after severely beating up five children. Two more of his colleagues are also in the dock for the incident which took place on April 30.

According to the FIR filed by the family of a child, the principal, DV Maharaj,  beat up five children after parents complained to him against two teachers – Bijoy Hajong and Ajanta Burman – of Goudiya Vedanta Vidyapeeth School, – who beat up their wards. All five of the beaten students were from Class ten (Secondary section).

“The teacher lost his cool after he found the five children singing in the class room during an off period. He started beating up the students. Later, after school, he again beat up the boys with a stick, hitting them on their heads and ears.

The next day, during school assembly, the principal and Ajanta Burman, again thrashed the five children right in front of their shocked parents who had come to complain of the cruelty.

“I was shocked beyond belief when he began to hit my son right in front of me. To think that he was a man of God and was a preacher in the Math besides being the principal. What kind of human beats children so mercilessly and that too for such a trivial reason”, said one of the aggrieved parents.

The parents were in for another ordeal when the principal accused the parents of abetting their wards and suspended the children for seven days. He later left from the town. The  pujari and ‘man-of-god’ obviously thought that he was above the laws of the country that ban corporal punishment in schools.

“This is insane. He should be taken into custody at the earliest,” said another parent.

The parents rushed to the police and a medical check up was done on the children before an FIR was filed on Saturday against the principal and the other two teachers.

The case is under investigation. However, no arrests have been made till the filing of the report.

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