Monkeys bite off Namo’s connectivity plans

It’s monkey business that’s preventing Banaras from BSNL broadband services!  An utterly fascinating Uttar Pradesh story:

Now Prime Minister Narendra Modi planned to improve internet services in India, and of course, wanted to ensure that the people of his constituency, Varanasi get the benefit. But the town’s sacred monkey population have put up a spirited resistance!

Macaque monkeys appear to have become an unlikely roadblock in the development of internet services in the northern Indian city of Varanasi.

The authorities in Varanasi have been increasing the network of optical fibre cables as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan of improving internet services in India.

The central government has planned to lay 700,000 kms (434,960 miles) of broadband cable to connect India’s 250,000 village clusters within three years.

But officials in the city in Uttar Pradesh state are struggling to stop monkeys from eating the fibre-optic cables, the Reuters news agency reports. It seems these primates have developed a taste for optic fibre cables, so now the question that must be solved is how do they stop monkeys from monkeying around with Modi’s internet dream? No answers forthcoming on that one, we hear.


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