It’s VC versus the rest at Patna University

Patna, Bihar: The fate of several thousand students hangs in the balance as Patna University shgut down for a second day. It’s a replay of the same old story: Teacher’s and employee unions versus the Vie Chancellor. The VC Simahadri claims that he’s cleaning up the Augean stables, and the unions say that he thinks he’s a nit-picking busybody who imagines he’s monarch of all he surveys and has scant respect for teachers and rules!

Even as the indefinite strike by the non-teaching staff  paralysed the functioning of Patna University (PU) office and its allied units for the second consecutive day on Wednesday, PU teachers raised a  protest against vice-chancellor Y C Simhadri and demanded his removal.

At an emergency meeting of the executive committee of Patna University Teachers’ Association (PUTA) under the chairmanship of P K Poddar, the teachers accused the VC of functioning in an “undemocratic and dictatorial” manner. Ever since Simhadri joined PU a year ago, he has not initiated any development work in the university, they claimed.

“The VC always acts beyond the provisions of the Act and statutes and humiliates teachers, employees and students. He does not sanction even medical leave to ailing teachers and serves show-cause notices to teachers and employees without any rhyme or reason. Moreover, he fails to communicate with teachers, students and employees due to language problem. The VC’s actions are counterproductive to the development of higher education in Bihar,” the PUTA claimed to the press.

The PUTA executive committee supported the demands of strikers and decided to  stage a demonstration against the VC along with the striking employees soon. “Even as the employees have been agitating to press for their demands for a month, the VC never bothered to initiate any dialogue with them. Now that they have gone on strike, the university is forced to postpone all its examinations for an indefinite period, thereby jeopardizing the career of thousands of students,” the PUTA executive committee said.

The meeting decided the PUTA office-bearers will soon meet the media to highlight the counterproductive actions of the VC. “We will decide our future course of action at the PUTA’s general body meeting to be convened shortly,” said association general secretary Anil Kumar.

Earlier, a PUTA delegation met the VC on Wednesday and discussed teachers’ pending demands with him. The delegation, however, returned dissatisfied as the VC was non-commital.

The striking employees took out a procession and moved from one department to another to ensure that the  postgraduate departments and colleges did not function. Classes could also not be held in most PU institutions.

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