Bhagalpur University moots water conservation

Bhagalpur: Realising that we may be facing an imminent groundwater crisis due to ever increasing demand for freshwater and the gross misuse of it, a national workshop on ‘Water Conservation’ was held at GB College, Naugachia under Tilkamanjhi Bhagalpur University (TMBU), recently. A citizen report by Shalini

The workshop discuseed policies and activities as well as future strategies towards water conservation for  abalanced ecosystem,  to meet the current and future demand vis-a-vis population growth and industrial development.

The workshop commemorated  ‘World Water Day’ in the backdrop of United Nations (UN) reports about 3.4 billion people across the nations will be hit by water crisis by 2025 and the crisis will aggravate further by 2050.

Aimed to throw light on the importance of water for existence of life on earth as well as on the urgent need to conserve it and to maintain ecological balance for sustainable development, the workshop was organized by the chemistry department. The World Water Day falls on March 22 each year. It is held to focus attention on the importance of freshwater, impending crisis of water and problems related to it besides championing the cause for sustainable management of freshwater resources by the UN.

The theme for the year 2015 is ‘Water and Sustainable Development’, said sources.

TMBU Vice Chancellor  Ramashankar Dubey, in his inaugural address, said 71% share of earth is water and yet the crisis of freshwater looms large. Proportion of fresh potable water is 27% at world level, whereas India having 18% share of world population has groundwater resources of 5% only, he said.

Reasons of imminent water crisis are manifold such as pollution, population rise and misuse of underground potable water etc, said the TMBU VC adding statistics reveal that each year water table is going down. Referring to water table, he said earlier the water table was 40 feet under the ground, whereas now it has gone down to 60 feet and at some places even more. “There is urgent need to conserve water so as to maintain ecological balance and sustainable growth,” added TMBU VC.


Panel experts suggested measures like ‘rainwater harvesting’, ‘waste water recycling’, minimizing human water usage, adopting water management practices in households, irrigation for agriculture purpose etc.

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