9 stages of Desire follows 30 days of September


Ira Dubey in her role as Mira

The Easter weekend has brought cheer to theatre lovers, thanks to the efforts of Patna’s own Souvik Narain, the man responsible for bringing us the thespian performances of the inimitable Lillete Dubey and the Primetime Theatre Company in Mahesh Dattani’s ’30 days of September’.

The play has been staged some two hundred times in India and abroad. 30 days in September held a mirror to an aspect of society that most want glossed over: incest and sexual abuse within the home.

Even though theatre is alive in Patna, with local drama troupes staging plays every week, the city still lacks infrastructure for staging good quality productions, says Professor Daisy Narain.

That’s no skin off the nose of the state government!

One learned that the visiting troupe and their technicians were dismayed to find just 27 of the Premchand Rangshala auditorium lights working —  out of a bank of over 100 lamps! The auditorium houses the Bihar Sangeet Natak Academy ( Bihar theatre and music Academy, a government body). That goes to show just how dismal and embarrassing the situation is. Quite a few theatre persons said that things were ship-shape a few years ago, under the watchful eye of the former chairman Shanker Dutt, but since then things have begun falling apart. The problem is that no one in the state government seems to understand that it’s not enough to build a theatre. It’s important to maintain it. But that’s a topic for another day.

Despite the fact that technical problems with the sound and lighting arrangements contributed to the play starting an hour behind schedule, the performance was top-notch, and riveting. Mahesh Dattani’s script effectively hit all the right buttons, it addressed the reality of child molestation at home without being preachy.

Now for tonight’s play:

An early Islamic leader, Ali ibn Abu Taleb, said that “God created sexual desire in ten parts; then he gave nine parts to women and one to men.” Today, at the Premchand Rangshala, TV host and actress Ira Dubey performs Heather Raffo’s iconic play “9 parts of Desire”, where she will play nine Iraqi women. Their stories are about the survival and struggle of women in a war-torn, repressive country; it shows how politics and situations not in your control can easily change your life forever.

Well, I’ll see you at the theatre tonight!

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