‘Imported terrorists’ causing trouble in Jammu and Kashmir?

Bhim Singh of Jand K Panthers' Party

Bhim Singh of Jand K Panthers’ Party

The President of the Panthers’ Party in the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir accused the Bharatiya Janata Party  thus: “BJP is hell bent to create a communal conflict in the country and they find J&K as most appropriate strategic place to foment this kind of mishap.” The BJP-PDP alliance is a conspiracy to polarize the whole nation, he believes. A statement was carried by a South Asian website yesterday.

Prof. Bhim Singh, the Panthers’ Party president, stated that the present State Affairs in J&K have been shrouded with a serious threat to the national security both on borders as well as inside the state.

“ The present government is no mystery to the Panthers Party which has already exploded its secret alliance between the opposite poles, PDP and RSS controlled BJP in Jammu and Kashmir. The present terrorist attacks in Jammu Pradesh along International Borders with Pakistan leave not a single iota of doubt that these attacks are sponsored and planned within the state and executed with the help of the terrorists who have been and still are being imported by the state government from Pakistan to Jammu and Kashmir via Nepal.

Government of Jammu and Kashmir admitted in an affidavit in the Supreme Court that 800 plus terrorists were brought to J&K by the J&K government via Nepal to be settled and rehabilitated in Kashmir. Interestingly about 400 of them who had moved from Kashmir to Pakistan in the last part of the 20th century have returned with their Pakistani born wives, many with Pakistan born children. Some of these trained militants who were illegally brought by J&K government to Kashmir are being used as mercenaries by some Kashmiri leaders of Kashmir based political parties including NC, PDP and Congress.

Last year’s terrorist attack in Hiranagar police station followed by another attack against Army Camp in Samba and recently two attacks within 24 hours the other day cannot be ruled out that these are state sponsored attacks carried out with full knowledge and approval of BJP-PDP government in J&K.

“BJP is hell bent to create a communal conflict in the country and they find J&K as most appropriate strategic place to foment this kind of mishap. This perfectly suits PDP to address its constituency, Kashmir Valley. This is a secret agenda between Modi and Mufti which was settled secretly during their one to one meeting on 28th February 2015 in Delhi.

‘This is the right time to save the people in Jammu and Kashmir from further death and destruction and save the nation from chaos and anarchy.

The President of India should intervene and advise the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to impose Governor Rule. Fresh elections should be held without EVM and it should be mandatory for all contesting candidates to take oath in the name of the Constitution of India.”

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