Citizen report: AAP neglects Aam Aadmi


New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi has no concern for the real ‘aam aadmi’: the ordinary folk such as the street vendors. Street vendors are being harassed despite the Street Vending Act of 2014.

A citizen’s report sent by Anurag of NASVI:

Calling the Municipal Bodies ‘shameless’, Street Vendor leaders from all the Municipal Bodies last fortnight expressed grave concern about the continued harassment and eviction of markets in Delhi. Intensity of issuing challans and confiscation of goods has increased considerably across all the Municipal Bodies despite orders issued by the new Government. The earlier circulars issued by the Municipal Bodies do not matter to their officers. Not only that Police have also been confiscating goods notably under lost and found category.  Organizations of Street vendors have to resort to going courts again and again.

It must be mentioned that in just one month of New Govt coming to power four markets have been evicted and NASVI has to struggle for restoration of each of these markets – these are  a) Lajpat Nagar b) 40 futa road c) Ranjit Nagar d) Rohini e) Vasant Kunj and Baljit Nagar

Mr. Arbind Singh, National Coordinator of NASVI lamented resistance of Municipal Bodies to the implementation of the Street Vending Act 2014 . He said that though many states have begun implementation, Delhi still feels that status quo can be maintained as it serves vested interest while vendors and citizen continue to suffer .He added that as Street Vending is all about providing livelihood to thousands of people the Government of Delhi to urgently look into their grievances.

The leaders passed a resolution which will be sent to concerned authorities:

a)    Punish Municipal and Police officials violating Government and court orders.

b)    Stop Police from confiscating goods of street vendors under Lost and Found.

c)    Stop sanitary inspectors to issue challans to street vendors.

d)    No eviction till survey and regulation of street vendors and begin regulation at the earliest.

e)    Town Vending Committees formed in Delhi are holding meeting after meeting but without any outcome

f)     If schemes are drafted by the Delhi Government where was the involvement of Town vending committee for providing the inputs for the same.


g)    Despite repeated orders from various courts the Municipal corporations and councils are continuously issuing challans to the vendors throughout Delhi. This is making a mockery of the Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulations of Street Vending) Act, 2014.


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