Eunuchs to ‘castrate’ corruption

The Hijras of Rohtas have had enough. They’re coming out to  uproot corruption at the grassroots level.

Led by 42 year old ‘guru’ Pinki Kinnar, the eunuch community got together at Dehri-on-Sone in Rohtas district  and resolved to rid poor people of the menace of corruption. “We have received complaints about officials demanding bribe to issue Aadhaar cards,” said Pinki Kinnar.

So  the Hijras led by Pinki visited the Aadhaar card enrolment centre and asked the chaps there  to mend their ways, or else face  the ‘wrath’ of the eunuchs.  The officiasl promised not to repeat the offence.

Pinki says that every Aadhaar card seeker had to pay a bribe of Rs 100 to the official manning the enrolment centre. “I had received numerous complaints, which prompted me to help the poor victims,” she said. “We have decided to help. Though corruption is rampant across the globe, we will raise our voice against the menace in our own fashion and with limited resources.”

Bouyed by the success, Pinki, a resident of Panitanki at Dehri-on-Sone, around 165km southwest of Patna, said she has now decided to take her campaign further. She has the backing of 46 other eunuchs on the issue of corruption. “Soon, the members will visit the offices of corrupt public servants with the harassed public to get their work done at once,” she told a local daily.

Gulshan Bindu Kinnar, (45), hailing from Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh, was among others present at the meeting. Gulshan had unsuccessfully contested Assembly polls as an Independent from Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh in 2012 and clinched over 55,000 votes. Gulshan said the members of the community have demanded that the central government set up a separate commission for eunuchs on the lines of the National Commission for Women.

“Since we have been granted the status of third gender by the Supreme Court, we have fair chances of contesting the Assembly polls next year,” Gulshan said.

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