Facebooking Cops of Odisha

Rourkela:  Friendly neighbourhood ’Facebook cops’ of Orissa (Odisha)?

Rourkela police superintendent Amitendra Nath Sinha  opened a facebook account and wants that people to visit the page and post their grievances, suggestions and provide feedback.

Neitzens are being encouraged to discuss ways for better policing in the city. The page is called “Rourkela SP” and has Sinha’s picture with the image of a police beacon with “Superintendent of Police Rourkela” as status pic.

“We have requested citizens to visit the page and follow it. We have also requested people to post photos and videos as feedback to our services and sought people to take part in various initiatives of ours,” said Sinha.

“It’s a small step taken to build a channel of communication with the citizens of Rourkela. Citizens are requested to post their feedback,” says the page description.

A senior official said Rourkela police recognised the fact that in the age of computer and Internet, they could not stay behind. Various agencies and the public in general have been harnessing this new media to enhance the communication system. Rourkela residents are Internet savvy and those who do not have the time to interact with the police on a regular basis may post their suggestions and grievances on this page.

“We hope this page will be a good communicative forum for the people of the city, and we will be able to provide better service to the citizens when they open up with us,” said Sinha.

The Cuttack-Bhubaneswar police also have a Facebook page.

[This is a sub-editing assignment of newsnet intern Biplab Das]

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