Adopt a tiger from Lucknow zoo

LUCKNOW: Do you have a couple of lakhs of rupees lying around idle? Well, use your spare cash to co-adopt a tiger from the Lucknow zoo.

If you wished to adopt the zoo tiger but dropped the idea because of high charges, here’s your chance. To popularise the adoption of three big inmates – white tiger, tigress and lion – Lucknow zoo has rolled out the joint adoption scheme wherein two persons can share the expenses of each animal.

The annual expenses of a lion come to Rs 3 lakh, while for a tigress and white tiger it’s Rs 4 lakh each.

Speaking about the initiative, zoo director Anupam Gupta said, “To raise the number of adopters of animals we have decided that inmates whose annual expenses are high can be shared by two persons.” He added that the scheme would encourage those who do not come forward for adopting big animals because of heavy amount.

“When you adopt animals, it’s your contribution in protecting a range of endangered animals and the entire fund raised from adoption is used for the particular inmate,” Gupta said.

For the convenience of management as well as those coming for adoption, zoo will now charge the rates into round figures. By the way adoption rates are up  by 10%. Any takers?

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