Police, mob attack activists in Kerala

On February 22, 2014, five activists of VIBGYOR International Film Festival were picked up by the police in Trichur and they were brutally beaten up inside the vehicle as well as inside the police station. Young woman cinematographer Neethu was attacked physically by male police and was subjected to sexual verbal abuse as well as physical violence. Five young activists were physically attacked and are detained by police at the Thrissur East Police station.

Advocate R. K. Asha who came with her son and daughter to release the activists were also brutally beaten up and the male police kicked her with boots and she was dragged in front
of her children. Her son and minor daughter were also subjected to physical violence. Advocate Asha, her minor daughter, Neethu, and Sruti were hospitalized in Thrissur later. We unanimously condemn the brutal violence on women inside the police station and that also a practicing woman advocate and a young woman cinematographer as well as a minor
girl. We also demand that the five boys who are still inside the police station be released immediately and unconditionally.

It is shocking that the police attacks on women activists of VIBGYOR took place soon after the completion of 9th VIBGYOR which focused on Gender Violence. When the work of internationally famous Eve Einsler, `Vagina Monologues’ was performed, the police tried to initiate physical violence on February 15, 2014 right inside the festival ground.

On February 13th, when the Sangh Parivar activists tried to stop the screening of the documentary on Kashmir `Ocean of Tears’, the police facilitated them to enter the campus and destroy the festival office.
While the hooligans destroyed the office right in front of the police, no case was registered on any of these communal fascists. The activists of VIBGYOR courageously and unitedly resisted them in a non-violent manner and the fascists were forced to withdraw.

We are shocked at the growing state violence and communal violence on the cultural activists and we demand an immediate action on the guilty police officers. We demand that all the guilty police officers be suspended and transferred immediately. We appeal to all women’s groups, human rights groups, activists and film personalities to strengthen this
struggle against police violence on activists immediately. We appeal to all concerned sections to circulate this message immediately.

Citizen’s report from Anjali Monteiro, Ph.D., Professor & Dean; K.P. Jayasankar, Ph.D., Professor & Chair, Centre for Critical Media Praxis

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