Kingfisher Killing Fields in Assam?

JORHAT, Assam – Migratory birds and endangered species are falling prey to villagers’ ignorance and a liking for wild fowl.

Several migratory wild ducks and kingfishers have allegedly been caught by using nets and even killed by poisoning in the past few weeks in certain remote areas of Majuli and on the outskirts of Jorhat town, and it has been a cause of concern for nature lovers as well as the sensitive citizens in the localities.

Locals and youth organizations said that the illegal business of wild ducks’ meat continues to be unabated in the nearby areas of Borbil, Magurmaribil, Bokabil and some other adjacent areas of Dakhinpat Grazing in Majuli even after the implementation of the Wildlife Protection Act across the state.

“As per our knowledge the meat of the migratory birds is sold to a class of rich people living in urban areas in Jorhat. Moreover, those who are involved in the killings are not aware of the importance of conservation, and they do so simply for money as they belong to the economically poor class,” said Siva Kalita, the Jorhat district president of the AJYCP.

Kalita said every year people start killing the birds in Rawnagaon, Bokabil, Ghotahola, Borbil and other marshy land and waterbodies in Majuli after they migrate from foreign countries to the river island for food and conducive atmosphere during the months of November and December.

The killing of migratory birds is yet to be prevented in areas like Sarala, Borsarala, Bormukoli, Jhanjimukh and many other wetlands located near the Jorhat town, said a wild life activist.

“We have witnessed the killing of birds in these areas. The birds belonging to the wild duck species become the prime target for the cruel people,” said activist Jitu Kalita. He said that migratory birds like night heron, pelican, pied kingfisher have been spotted this year in the district.

Meanwhile, expressing concern over the killing of migratory birds, members of the AJYCP and local citizens demanded immediate action against the wrongdoers and urged the forest department to launch awareness camps in those areas soon.

However, senior officials in the Jorhat Forest Division said they are going to start a sensitization programme to make the villagers aware of the importance of conservation and the existing legal measures for protection of wildlife.

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