Angola bans Islam as ‘illegal sect’

Luanda, Nov 25: South-west African nation Angola became the first country in the world to ban Islam and to prohibit Muslims from openly practicing their faith.

The country’s culture minister, Rosa Ceuz e Silva said the process of legalisation of Islam in Angola has not received approval from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and the mosques would be shut till further notice.

The Angolan government, as part of the ban, has sought demolition of mosques in the country. Silva said the decision was a part of the efforts to ban “illegal” religious sects in the country.

The minister made her statement was during her appearance at the sixth Commission of the National Assembly last week. She said the move was important to tackle those congregations which preach religious ideas contradictory to the customs of the Angolan culture.

The nation may be exposing itself to attacks on two fronts: one by the human rights organisations, and two by the Islamist terrorists who might target the nation.

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