Over 40 buffaloes sacrified at Nalbari in Assam

 NALBARI, Assam –  According to a citien’s report, Nalbari celebrated  Mahanavami. A total of 42 buffaloes were sacrificed on the Navami puja. At the historic Bilbeswar Devalaya of Belsor about a lakh devotees attended the Mahanavami puja.

38 buffaloes were sacrificed in Bilbeswar Devalaya  while four buffaloes were sacrificed at Ulabari-Nakheti-Raitkuchi Durga puja premises.

Buffaloes have been sacrificed at the six-year-old Ulabari Durga puja since its inception.

In spite of  opposition by vegan groups, the number of buffalo sacrifices is gradually going up at the Bilbeswar Devalaya year after year. Some ministers and beaurucrats of the State are among those who  sacrifice buffaloes. However, there is no display of clay models of Devi Durga at the Devalaya. Goats, ducks and pigeons will also be sacrificed at two other Shaktipiths– Bagheswari Devalaya of Adabari and Balilecha Kalimandir.


Apart from the  sacrifice of huge buffaloes at the Bilbeswar Devalaya in Nalbari district, the Adattari Durga Puja Committee near Mukalmua has been performing Kumari Puja on the Mahanavami for the last 25 years.

For the Kumari Puja, the puja committee selects nine minor girls and worships them as the nine forms of Devi Durga. Hundreds of devotees throng Adattari Nabaratri Durga puja to witness this rare Kumari puja.The exhibition of idols of Devi Durga is also restricted at Adattari.

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