Nagaland Congress questions ‘corruption’ in State

DIMAPUR,[Nagaland] – NPCC president SI Jamir has questioned the silence of the public and NGOs over the ‘prevailing corruption’ in the State and their ambiguous stance in voicing against this situation, which is affecting the well-being of the people.

“Is it because the State Government has already bought them with money?” Jamir asked. He also alleged that there is no development in the State because all the funds go into the hands of the ruling government, resulting in the slowdown of State’s progress.

Jamir was speaking at the NPCC tour programme with the Dimapur District Congress Committee (DDCC) at the Congress Bhavan here on Sunday.

Citing the example of Narendra Modi’s ideology, he hit out at the NPF for harping on maintaining the identity of Nagas. He said the present scenario of Nagaland is all about “corruption and begging” and this, he said, should be the ideology of the NPF.

CLP leader Tokheho Yepthomi, in his speech, admitted weakness in the Congress party, which he said has brought about its downfall. But prior to that, he remarked that the NPF knew the strength of the Congress and taking advantage of this the party played accordingly in order to come to power.

Pointing a finger at the State Government’s idea to fill up potholes seeking cooperation and voluntary help from the public, he mocked at the government saying enough funds are allotted for maintenance of the roads, and “it is their duty to look into the welfare of the public and not harass them by coming up with stupid initiatives,” he said.

“Nagaland is in debt and the State Government is turning a blind eye towards the condition of the State. So it is high time the Nagas understood this and acted accordingly,” Tokheho further stated.

The CLP leader said that UPA will come back to power again after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

NPCC vice-president Nillo Rengma alleged that though the DAN government has been ruling the State for three consecutive terms, it has failed to create employment for the youth and has done nothing for the State. He also stated that whatever schemes are being implemented in Nagaland have been granted by the UPA Government.

The welcome address was delivered by DDCC president Kughato S Aye, while the vote of thanks was offered by DDCC secretary Hollohon.

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