Bihar urged to obey Supreme Court, protect street markets

New Delhi: The Bihar government has been urged to take measures to protect the livelihood of its street vendors and hawkers, says a press release from NASVI. All state governments are supposed to provide proper spaces for street vending and cannot treat street markets as ‘encroachments’, beating up the hawkers and destroying their goods at their whim and fancy.street

 The recent legislative development in the Lok Sabha which passed the Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Bill and the subsequent judicial pronouncements of the Supreme Court of India have given huge relief to the street vendors across the country and now the street vendors  under the banner of National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) are demanding of the state governments and the union territory (UT)  administrators to start obeying the orders of the apex court.

The street vendors’ body is sending letters to the chief secretaries of the states and the UT administrators in this regard.

In one such letter sent on Friday to the Bihar chief secretary, NASVI called upon the chief secretary to ensure that the apex court’s orders are complied, obeyed and implemented properly and no vendor/community of vendors is harassed, victimized and displaced in the state.

The letter reads, “Supreme Court bench comprising of Justice G.S. Singhvi and Justice V. Gopala Gowda has directed all state governments and the UT administrators to ensure formation of Town Vending Committee (TVC) within two months and registration of all street vendors within four months. The direction is binding till the enactment of the central law to protect the livelihood of street vendors.”

Drawing the attention of the chief secretary to the vital contents of the order, the letter states, “The order of the apex court is that  the   chief   secretaries   of   the   State   Governments   and administrators of the union territories  shall  issue  necessary instructions/directions to the concerned department(s) to ensure  that the Town Vending Committee is constituted at  city  /  town level in accordance with the provisions contained  in  the  2009 Policy.  For the cities and towns having large municipal areas, more than one Town Vending Committee may be constituted.”

The  letter quotes the order of the apex court,  “ The task of constituting the Town Vending  Committees  shall  be within two months of the issue of instructions by  the chief secretaries of the state and  the  administrators  of  the union territories.  All street vendors / hawkers shall be registered in accordance with the 2009 Policy.  Once registered, the street vendor / hawker shall be entitled to operate in the area specified by the Town Vending Committee. The process of registration must be completed by the municipal authorities across the country within four months of the receipt of the direction by the chief secretaries of the states and administrators of the union territories”.

The apex court has also ruled, “The Chief Justices of the High Courts are requested to nominate a Bench to deal with the cases filed for implementation of  the 2009 Policy and disputes arising out of its implementation.  The concerned Bench shall regularly monitor implementation of the 2009 Policy and the law which may be enacted by the Parliament.”

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