Newspaper Report forces Patna Docs to treat HIV positive patient

PATNA: A newspaper report on Saturday about the discrimination against a 45-year-old HIV positive  in the Patna Medical College Hospital’s surgical emergency ward, and that doctors had refused to operate on her,  has prompted the hospital authorities sprung into action. The patient has now been shifted the patient to the surgery ward and  promised all the necessary treatment.

PMCH deputy superintendent Dr Bimal Karak said the hospital administration would do everything possible to save the woman’s life, who is suffering from intestinal obstruction.

Dr J P Gupta, in whose unit the woman was admitted on Thursday, claimed he didn’t know about the case at length. I received a call from the hospital superintendent’s office on Saturday morning.”

He  said she is being administered fluids and other medicines. “We will observe her till Sunday. If required, we will operate on her on Monday.” He added the woman had already undergone a surgery for abdominal complications some time back, hence another immediate surgery may not be advisable. He said she also passed some stool and her condition is stable. She had not been passing stool for many days.

The woman’s relatives had complained on Friday that the doctors had refused to operate her since she was HIV positive. She was admitted to surgical emergency on Thursday. She had visited the medical OPD and medical emergency before that once.

The woman’s son, Babloo Kumar, was visibly relieved. “Today, I was not told even once to shift my mother to any private hospital, unlike the past few days. Though we haven’t got a bed due to scarcity, we have no qualms because the doctors are cooperating.”

A day earlier, the news report said, “Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) doctors have refused to operate an HIV positive woman, much against the policy of not discriminating against such people. The victim is a 45-year-old Anita Devi of Mithapur, who was admitted to surgical emergency on September 4 vide registration number 70453. Her attendants have been asked to shift her to some private hospital.

“ Anita is suffering from intestinal obstruction. She was admitted to surgical emergency on Thursday. “Today the doctor came to us asking for prescription. He took it and never came back. We are only left with the prescription’s photo copy,” her son Babloo said on Friday. “The hospital staff are asking us to leave without even discharge slip,” Babloo said.

For performing surgery, a few tests were done, including an HIV test. “On finding my mother HIV positive, they tore the prescription and asked us to take her to any private hospital,” said Babloo.

Babloo took her mother home but returned to surgical emergency on September 4. “However, the doctors refused surgery again, saying no doctor will risk his or her own life. When I requested them, they abused and manhandled me,” said Babloo, who works as a peon in an apartment and earns Rs 4,000 per month. Anita was finally admitted to Dr J P Gupta’s unit in surgical emergency on Thursday.

“Dr C M Jha, chief medical officer of the emergency, expressed ignorance about any such patient. Hospital superintendent Dr Amarkant Jha ‘Amar” said, “It was unfortunate. The case will be looked into tomorrow.”

He redirected the reporter to deputy superintendent Dr Bimal Karak as he was not on duty. Dr Karak wondered why were the doctors refusing to operate since “the special kit for performing surgery on HIV positive people that ensures doctors’ safety is available with the hospital.”

Alls well that ends well, thanks to the sensitivity of local reporters of the Times of India, Patna edition.

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