Pakistan: Texting is banned, it’s immoral!

ISLAMABAD: Text chatting and voice chatting  will stop in Pakistan because the Pakistan Telecom authority says its ‘Anti Islamic’.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed all telecom companies operating in the country to discontinue offering text and voice call packages to customers at any and all times of the day, and submit an agreement report on September 2, 2013.

Moralists in Pakistan have been crying that the night packages offered by the mobile phone companies are “a bad influence “on the society.  This week the matter came to a rise in the Senate.

PTA Director-General Muhammad Talib Dogar has ordered telecom companies to cease offering voice and text messaging bundle packages by September 2.

A PTA official confirmed that “We had sent the telecom companies a letter in November, 2012 to comply with but they have still not complied and are offering these packages.”

The packages offered by the telecom companies have come under fire in the National Assembly, with some members terming the packages as being against the moral values of Pakistani society.

Barrister Amir Ali says that the Specific Relief Act 1877 does not allow the government to ask a lawful business to curtail its activities and dealings.

In his opinion, directing the cellular companies to stop their night packages will harm businesses operating at night, such as call centers, which have invested millions in Pakistan

The telecom industry in Pakistan is one of the most profitable and at present they are five cellular operators offering services in the country.

In the last five years Pakistan has seen a boom in the cellular industry with the number of mobile phone users increasing dramatically.

A senior official of a telecom company said the PTA decision will affect business across the sector and provide further strain to an industry already overburdened with heavy taxation.

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One Response to Pakistan: Texting is banned, it’s immoral!

  1. Nandini

    September 1, 2013 at 11:34 am

    This will harm the telecom business of the country, as well as it will not do any change in the morality and mentality of people…This is not the way to stop immorality…
    The Telecom Authority is national this means that the control on message packs and night call packages cn be done by the authority..
    BUT THIS IS AN ERA OF SMARTPHONE….!!!! and it is INTERNATIONAL.. even though sms packs are blocked, one can use android apps like WATSAPP, WE CHAT,LINE AND VIBER etc..etc..and even do voice calls by these apps!! Now, how can the authority control on these actions??
    So,this is not the way to stop immorality among peoples!!In this modern era, when one door closes, the “advanced” technology opens the other door!!

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