Docs in PMCH throw patients to Ultrasound Sharks

An ultrasound unit in the Bihar Capital’s major Government Hospital and Medical College has been dead for three months. Doctors and the administration don’t care. They throw the poor patients to the mercy of the sharks who run private Ultrasound Clinics. So much for reaching medical care to the ordinary citizen.

The Patna Medical College and Hospital administration has no displayed no urgency to repair the lone ultrasound machine in its emergency wing. The facility is lying inoperative for over three months. The irony is that the PMCH is not ‘aware’ that the ultrasound machine at the emergency wing of the hospital is not functioning.cold

In the meanwhile, the private labs in the area are minting money from the hapless patients, many of whom cannot afford the high rates charged for these tests.

Senior doctors also do not have the idea about how long the machine has been lying defunct, says a local news report.

An ultrasound machine helps in diagnosing cases of abdominal injury as well as problems in the  liver, kidney, and gall bladder, among others.

When asked about the defunct ultrasound machine at the emergency wing of the health hub, G.N. Singh, the head of the radiology department at PMCH, said: “Yes, the machine is defunct for the past one-and-a-half months.”

“We have informed the supplier and asked him to repair the machine as soon as possible. The maintenance of the machine is the supplier’s responsibility. So we have done our job by informing him about the problem,” Singh added. While deputy superintendent Bimal Karak had a different reply.

“As far as I know there is no problem in the ultrasound machine at the emergency wing. However, the CT scan machine and the dialysis machine had developed problems a few days ago. But both the machines have been repaired,” Karak said.

A senior doctor with the PMCH said every day around 50 patients, who need to be diagnosed with the ultrasound machine, visit the health hub.

A patient was quoted as saying: “It is a shame that the biggest state-run hospital can’t provide its patient an ultrasound facility. We have to pay more in private clinics to get the ultrasound done.”


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