Islamists target Christians in Bangladesh, spread terror

Anti-socials and mobsters abetted by Islamist Fundamentalist forces in Bangladesh have gone on a systematic intimidation campaign against Christians in the rural  areas of Bangladesh. The target are Christian adivasi tribes.

Observers say, however, that this is a pattern to intimidate and frighten minorities who are expected to back efforts to keep Bangladesh a secular state.

On Thursday, a mob of about sixty people attacked  a seminary in Northern Christian seminary Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: A mob of dozens has raided a seminary of the diocese of Dinajpur, northern Bangladesh, injuring the rector and a group of students inside the building at the time of the attack.

The raid took place at 3 in the afternoon of Thursday. About 60 local fanatics broke down the doors of the Jisu Niloy seminary, pouring inside the compound. The group targeted the rector Fr. Uzzal, surprised in his room while he was resting; the assailants knocked down his door and violently beat him and some students present at the time of the attack.

During the assault, the fanatics blocked the young students of the seminary and beat them with violence and brutality. The Jisu Niloy seminary is located Bolakipur and refers to Marimpur parish in the Diocese of Dinajpur.

Previously, the same mob had raided the nearby tribal village – Catholic majority – of Tivipara and Bagja. The assault occurred at 1 .30 pm, they plundered the inhabitants of 40 cows, 50 goats, a van, fruit and many other objects and utensils. Before leaving, the assailants threatened to come back the next night and burn the residents homes.

Most of the men fled the area for fear of new attacks, the women and children, however, have found refuge in the Catholic mission, where there are more security guarantees. The Catholics of the area belong to the tribal Santals, Urao, Mundas, Kharias and Malos.

Over the past few days there has been a wave of assaults and targeted violence against the Christian community in Bangladesh, a largely Muslim nation: June 5 it was the turn of the parish of Tumilia, which was attacked by extremists. The parish priest Fr. Abel was beaten and robbed, along with another priest.

By Newsnet Team based on an  asianews report

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One Response to Islamists target Christians in Bangladesh, spread terror

  1. Sukh Bir

    June 11, 2013 at 11:00 am

    Bangladesh is on crux of Muslim jihadi threat. Bharat is on crux of Hindu Jihadi coming up in shape of RSS backed Narendra Bhai.
    Soon there will be Sikh jihadi, Buddhist jihadi and Christian jihadi.
    Time for all of us to raise voice and throw out fundamentalist people… but that is not so easy.

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