In a week 3 tigers found dead in Corbett Tiger Reserve

Tiger dead in corbett reserveA team of forest officials in Uttarakhand recovered the decomposed body of a 4-year-old tiger near Dhela River in the Corbett Tiger Reserve near Ramnagar in Nainital district on Saturday.

Forest rangers in the Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh are investigating the deaths of three tigers whose carcasses were found over the last week.

Park director Samir Sinha told Press Trust of India that officials were investigating the cause of the tigers’ deaths.

The carcasses of two other tigers were found in the park earlier last week, leading wildlife officials to suspect that the animals had been poisoned by poachers. But Mr. Sinha said that can be confirmed only from autopsy results.

As the news spread, senior forest officers from Corbett and Tarai-West divisions including director Samir Sinha and deputy director Saket Badola rushed to the spot. They said as the body was decomposed, they are not able to ascertain the sex of animal.

India is home to more than half of the world’s estimated 3,200 tigers, with most of them living in wildlife reserves.

Shrinking habitats due to the growth of urban areas and increasing deforestation have brought the cats in conflict with farmers who live near tiger reserves.

Despite conservation efforts, tiger numbers in India have declined due to rampant poaching of the cats for their valuable pelts and body parts that are highly prized in traditional Chinese medicine.

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