Can Tripura Sanctuary save the Bearcat from extinction?

AGARTALA:  Will Tripura be able to save the Bearcat from extinction? The central zoo authority of India has deemed Sipahijala wildlife sanctuary in Tripura as a National breeding centre for Clouded leopard, Pig-tailed macaque, Binturong and Spectacle monkey which are endangered animals, official sources said on Tuesday.

“Among the 42 national breeding centres of the country, the Central Zoo Authority of India considered Sipahijala as one of them and sanctioned an amount of Rs 616.96 lakh in the current fiscal for conservation of the four endangered animals”, Dr AK Gupta, member secretary of the state Board for wildlife told reporters.

Clouded leopard, Pig-tailed Macaque and Spectacle monkey have started breeding

The Binturong or bear-cat. Can a successful breeding programme be run in Tripura?

The Binturong or bear-cat. Can a successful breeding programme be run in Tripura?

successfully, but Binturong (bearcat) is yet to succeed, Gupta said.

The binturong (Arctictis binturong), also known as bearcat and Palawan binturong is on the verge of extinction. It lives in forests with tall trees.

He said, the board meeting chaired by the chief minister Manik Sarkar was held yesterday which also decided to build an elephant conservation centre at Gandhari in Amarpur subdivision of Gomati district in about 13 square KM areas.

Similarly, another elephant conservation centre would be set up at Atharamura hill range in Dhalai district in 3535.25 hectares of land.

The wild life board has also taken initiative to create a conservation centre for bison at Bhairabnagar at India-Bangladesh border area in South Tripura district.

Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard

The state forest department has demarcated 636.99 hectares of land for a Bird Sanctuary at Baramura hill range in Khowai district.

With forest cover fast depleting, and water drying up across India, saving our animals and maintaining bio-diversity is becoming a huge challenge. Tripura itself is faced with large hydel projects that will decimate both land and wildlife as big reservoirs will inundate huge tracts of forests.

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