Baby Boy flushed down toilet in China

China: A new born baby was obviously flushed down a toilet. Firefighters in China have rescued a newborn baby boy lodged inside a sewage pipe leading off a toilet.

Residents of an apartment building in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province, called rescuers on Saturday after they heard the infant’s cries.

Rescuers tried to pull the baby out of the pipe but failed and ended up sawing through a section of the pipe instead.

They took the pipe to hospital, where it was carefully pulled apart to release the infant.

The baby, thought to be just a few days old, was found inside a pipe 10cm (4 inches) in diameter, says China Daily newspaper.

Footage from state television showed firefighters and doctors working together using pliers to cut the pipe apart to get to the baby.

The baby is now in stable condition and officials are looking for his parents, reports say.

The case generated condemnation on weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

“The parents who did this have hearts even filthier than that sewage pipe,” one user was as saying.

China has strict family planning rules, with the one-child policy in place for more than three decades.

While there is a traditional preference for sons over daughters, financial and social issues may impact a couple. Babies born out of wedlock are sometimes abandoned, while couples can also face fines if they violate the one-child policy.

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