Looking Beyond Campus Placements

Shillong, Meghalaya: Two students preferred to follow their own dreams instead of joining the ‘herd’ rushing for juicy jobs at Shillong IIM campus placement this year.

They decided to stand apart from the crowd, and go it alone as entrepreneurs instead.

Anoz Sethna from Gandhidham in Gujarat and Mudit Agarwal from Jodhpur in Rajasthan were determined to do what they had planned when they joined the institute two years ago. Both belonged to the 2011-13 batch.

“It was planned that way, right from the time I enrolled at IIM Shillong. I had to become an MBA and help my father, who will be retiring soon, to carry forward my family business at Gandhidham in Kutch district of Gujarat. We export industrial salt, chemicals and minerals to Southeast Asian countries and China,” says 24 year old Anoz.

Mudit, 24, from a family that runs a textile and hospitality  business in Jodhpur, wants to start his own venture.“My ambition from the outset was to go for a start-up business. While my family is into hospitality, I intend to initiate a venture in food processing,” he says.

On the topic of  the lucrative on- campus  offers, the duo expressed similar views. “Yes, the salaries the companies offer to IIM graduates are good, but from a long-term perspective, the returns will be higher if I help my family in furthering the business,” said Anoz.

Echoes Mudit, “A business venture on my own will have its challenges and risks, but all said and done, if things go according to plan, it will give me immense satisfaction.”

The duo, however, will miss their alma mater and of course, “cool and beautiful Shillong”.

Of a class of 104, these two  opted out of the placement process to start their own entrepreneurial ventures. Altogether 52 companies confirmed their presence on campus for the process and 39 companies made offers. The highest domestic offer was Rs 22 lakh CTC per annum and the highest international offer was Rs 32 lakh CTC per annum.

The highest domestic offer for the 2010-12 batch was Rs 19 lakh per annum.

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