Gecko in the gravy makes school kids sick?

The Jharkhand Government may be promising eggs and bananas to govt school students, as part of the mid-day meal programme, but what they haven’t planned for is a gecko in the dal!

Some 50 students of a government middle school in Chandil, 30km from Jamshedpur, fell ill on Thursday an hour after eating their midday meal.

One of the victims has claimed he saw a dead lizard in the dal, but doctors are yet to confirm food poisoning.

Read the full story here on our school news blog

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One Response to Gecko in the gravy makes school kids sick?

  1. k-smartie

    April 27, 2013 at 10:16 am

    fact of the matter… nobody acctualoy gives a fxck about kids in government schools.
    also… if lizard is a medicine in china
    how come its a poison in india
    the reactions must have been psychological
    because the nut community of bihar also eat lizards.

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