Pope Francis Challenges Vatican Tradition

The new Pope is already beating a ‘new path’, introducing subtle but significant changes to the tradition- steeped Vatican.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio had a reputation as a humble pastor who even in high office commuted to work by bus, lived in an apartment rather than an apostolic palace and cooked his own meals.pope francis

Unlike Benedict XVI,  the new pontiff is more a local bishop than a Vatican insider. The 76-year-old Argentine has described inequality as “a social sin that cries out to Heaven” – and has emphasised the Church’s duty to serve the poor and disenfranchised.

Francis I is known as a ‘moderniser’, while Benedict XVI served as Catholicism’s doctrinal watchdog for more than two decades before he was elected Pope.

Pope Francis will most probably deal with the problems of his Church first of all prayerfully, rather than as a CEO coming in with a new broom. The Holy Catholic church isn’t a business corporation but a vast worldwide community of believers and prayerful people.

It is expected that, like Pope John Paul II, the current Pope will be a savvy communicator. He will meet the media before anyone else at a special audience on Saturday morning. This shows a vivid awareness that judicial use of media and communication skills  will be his tools to address several of the sticky problems, and to address the negative publicity and misconceptions. The Catholic Church is at a critical moment in its long history.

Francis is a Jesuit, a member of perhaps the most powerful and experienced religious order of the Catholic Church. The Jesuits are expert communicators and it is significant that one of the first people summoned to meet the new Pope this morning was Father Federico Lombardi, head of Vatican Radio (run for many years by the Jesuits) and the Vatican Press Office.

Under Pope Benedict, Father Lombardi was a mere functionary who had no direct access to the Pope. He could not pick up the phone and talk things through quickly – he just received orders from the Vatican Secretariat of State. That has now changed overnight.

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