Lake Victoria choked by Water Hyacinths

KENYA, Nairobi : A report in the local  newspaper ‘The Star’ reveals that Kenya is facing a water shortage caused by a water hyacinth menace. Water Hyacinths block and choke water bodies.

Kisumu county Governor has expressed his commitment towards ending water problems in the county by tackling the water Hyacinth menace.

The governor, Jack Ranguma, met with the board of Kisumu water and satiation company, Kiwasco.

He said he would try to ensure that water is available to all residents in the Kisumu county. The governor took up the issue of pollution at the Victoria lake because of overgrowth of water Hyacinth.  He said this must  be first tackled to enable the service providers have access to safe and clean drinking water to give to the people.

He said the county government would support water service providers and initiate ways that could help  overcome challenges to provision of water.

He further warned industries to reduce the amount of waste discharge to the lake. He said a taskforce would be formed to investigate and report companies that have defied the regulations.

Governor Ranguma reiterated his commitment to implement stringent legislation in cooperation with Lake Victoria Basin Cooperation (LVBC) and Lake Victoria Environment Management Programme (LVEMP) to mechanically remove the hyacinth and curb pollution by harmful effluents from industries into the lake.

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